Mission Testimony

"At AESTETHIC, we want to see the beauty of the clothes extended to the lives of the ones who make them, extended to the environment where they are made from. Here, sustainability and ethic are not traded for fashion but rather the three interweave in every part of each aspect. Forever enshrining the purest things planet has to offer, we create timeless pieces for those who care about aesthetics, ethics and all earth foaming diversities. Constantly, consistently, continually incorporation all those values in every detailed aspects of our brand, from the raw materials to the clothes tags and everything in between."

Lucie Azari

Our mission is to provide an example that another way is desirable. At Aestethic, modern luxury is not solely defined by a label and a number, but rather the actual value and meaning of the garment.


We aspire to contribute to the change of the current toxic system of overproduction and consumption that has made fashion one of the cruelest industries and largest polluters in the world. 

Therefore we put the accessibility of our products ahead of our business profitability in order to promote ethical, organic, and sustainable clothing and demonstrate that, if cared for, it is financially achievable. 


Aestethic is nurtured to be a natural and clean brand. Every aspect of the brand were consciously thought to be the purest possible. 

Truly achieving an ecosystem of true sustainability is a multifactorial recipe, not only focusing on a few aspects, the entire process needs to be clean.  We design, develop, and manufacture into that premise.

This implies consciousness toward all the detailed elements of the entire supply chain, production processes, and product afterlife.  Our aim is to create a cascade of sustainable practices that flows smoothly throughout.

Each piece is designed with high longevity, non- toxicity, resource efficiency, biodegradability and  ethics in mind.

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