Featuring the label’s signature detachable collar, the Isla blouse is crafted in London from the most sustainable materials provided by nature. It is delightfully soft and features antique french-made glass buttons. A minimalist approach to nautical style.

Organic Isla Blouse with detachable collar - Made to order

  • ○ Crafted locally, responsibly and sustainably in London

    ○ Biodegradable mono-materials

    ○ Made from 100% GOTS certified organic, untreated and fairtrade cotton

    ○ Detachable collar featuring organic corozo buttons, made in England. They are made from tagua nut, known as "vegetable ivory", a sustainable and biodegrable source. They are naturally collected from fallen nuts to avoid harming the rainforest and are manufactured in small family run factories who share our values. 

    ○ Antique glass buttons from 1930s, made in France

    ○ Fine biological sewing thread, made from 100% plant-based cellulose wood pulp, produced ethically in Portugal

    ○ GOTS certified organic labels, made in France

    ○ Vegan

    ○ Chemical-free, no allergenic, carcinogenic or toxic chemical residues

    ○ Zero-waste production

    ○ Eco biodegrable/recycled packaging - box, envelope, paper, tissue paper- made in UK


    Please read our Sustainability And Ethics Statement


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