Natural and Certified

Organic Materials

We believe it is important to be conscious of where your clothes are made, but also what they are made with. 

We select every single material carefully, consciously, mindfully, ensuring each one is the finest quality, produced organically in the highest standards, to meet your sustainable and ethical ideals. 

'Sustainability in simplicity'

Nature is at the essence of AESTETHIC,  every fabric we craft from comes from the earth.  Our pieces are made from plant based mono material fabrics produced from organic agriculture which are not genetically modified (GMO). They have been grown without any chemical pesticides, insecticides and respect the environment, animals, workers, and your health. 

We focus on a holistic process that puts sustainability first. Following that premises never will we use non biodegradable, non organic, or cheap petroleum-based synthetic materials such as polyester, nylon or acrylic, even recycled they are toxic, polluting and when washed, release fibrous micro-plastics which persist in the environment and never degrade. 

We collaborate with certified French producers providing us with high quality natural and organic fabrics. All the fabrics are GOTS certified by Ecocert, the French certification institute.

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Organic and Chemical Free


It is estimated that around 8000 synthetic chemicals are used in the apparel and garment industry. They are causing serious health hazards to the people working with them as well as ending up in the freshwater systems and polluting them.


Conventional non-cotton production makes significant use of phosphorous-based fertilisers and nitrogen, as well as pesticides insecticides and herbicides. 

Harmful chemicals are used in the dyeing, processing and finishing of products, many of them highly polluting and toxic.

The majority of fabric colorants are AZO dyes, releasing chemicals when the fabric is in contact with the skin. Polyester and recycled polyester are often dyed with Chlorobenzenes once again highly toxic. Furthermore, Perfluorinated chemicals, formaldehydes and chlorinated paraffins are widely used in finishing processes. 

"Organic" or "Recycled" means nothing if, in time, those chemicals are used to turn these raw materials into final products. At AESTETHIC we do not use ANY chemicals. Our first collection Ethereal is an ode to nature, where the natural organic colour of the fabrics has been magnified and celebrated. 

All dyes used in our future collections for the making of our products will be certified, plant based, non toxic, sustainable and allergy friendly.