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Transparency and Traceability

We are committed to be a truly transparent brand. We believe that genuine transparency is crucial to protect customers from greenwashing and stop those trying to benefit from the growing demand for sustainable and ethical clothing.

There is always more to tell that meets the eye. Every garment has its story and we share it, by communicating all the information related to our pieces from start to finish.

​​Traceability is essential to transparency. Every garment will come with its envelope containing all the information related to each stage of the life of our product, from where the materials are sourced, to where it was crafted, by whom and under what conditions.

Local, Responsible & Zero Waste Manufacturing

"celebrating, promoting and preserving British know how"

​​Every single one of our garments is responsibly designed, developed and crafted in London in compliance with strict ethical and sustainable principles.

We are proud to partner with British manufacturer sharing our search for quality, our ethos and our love for the planet.

Some of the responsible, sustainable manufacturing and eco friendly highlights of the manufacturing process are :

Employ a vigilant and robust recycling process, 100 percent of unusable textile off-cuts are recycled into new materials such as insulation, sports equipment filler and carpet underlay, ensuring a zero waste manufacturing. 

Factory floor offcuts are converted to biofuel to power the factory in order to achieve the aim of carbon neutrality.

Energy saving servo motors on all equipment (80-90 per cent saving to traditional clutch motors).

Energy saving LED low energy lighting in all factory divisions (70-80 per cent energy saving to traditional lighting).